YouTuber Kits Out Dodge Challenger Hellcat With Buggy Wheels

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel has just taken the term “horsepower” to a whole new level. Wondering what a modern-day chariot would look like with buggy wheels, a set of custom aluminum wheels were mounted to a Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Extending outwards past the body, thanks to extra hubs, the comical-looking muscle car heads to town evoking a number of reactions and responses questioning the build. When all 707 of the sportscar’s horsepower a sent to the ground, the vehicle appears to have some hard time gripping the road due to how thin the rubber on the buggy wheels is.

The video ends with a full burnout where the wheels are completely shredded and embedded into the ground. Watch the video above for all the craziness.

In other automotive news, Curtiss Motorcycles’ redesigned website lets you build your own electric ride.

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