Yabiku Henrique Yudi Merges Japanese and Brazilian Traditions in “MOTION” Exhibition

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Yabiku Henrique Yudi is the Japanese artist best known for his intricate collages, spatial installations and three-dimensional art objects. Yudi is currently the subject of a solo exhibition in Tokyo’s Diesel Art Gallery. Entitled “MOTION,” the presentation features over 30 new pieces that draw inspiration from the artist’s multi-cultural background comprised of Japanese and Brazilian traditions.

“One day, as I saw a viaduct, my eyes went straight to a deteriorated section with graffiti. In a world where technology is constantly evolving and perfection is widely sought, the incongruity of reality intrigues beauty to me the most,” said Yudi to HYPEBEAST.

Yudi studied clothing design at the famed Bunka Fashion Collage and later started creating collages as a medium for creative expression. “Coming from a multicultural background, Henrique looks for beauty in the discomfort and incongruity of today’s world with a unique style of expressing everything by intuition, dominating the art and fashion scene in Tokyo,” said the gallery.

Check out installation views for “MOTION” in the slideshow above. The exhibition is on view through May 13.

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Diesel Art Gallery
Diesel Shibuya b1f
1-23-16, Shibuya,
Tokyo, Japan

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