Video Essentials With Rav Matharu: Absolut T-Shirt, Air Jordan 1s, Italia ’90 Sticker Book

A lot has happened since Rav Matharu‘s first Essentials with us back in 2013; the clothsurgeon creative director has gone on to execute an abundance of collaborations, become a father and expanded his London-based atelier. Fresh off his collaboration with Absolut vodka, a series of t-shirts which “weave cultures together,” we caught up with Rav to break down some of the designer’s essential items. The pieces that Rav showcases all carry some deeper meaning to the designer, speaking to both his personal connections and artistic influences.

One of the main items spotlighted is a white T-shirt from his recent collaboration with Absolut. The ‘Absolut T’ collection comprises 79 limited-edition T-shirts that encapsulate the coming together of different backgrounds, cultures and ideas.

Over a decade deep in the industry, it makes sense that the first item featured was a pair of Retro Air Jordan 1s from 1985. He explains how the sneaker’s design and colorway kickstarted his love for product and style. “It had an aura around the shoe, you can be magnetized to it. The feeling it kind of gave was like I really want to be part of that.” He follows up with a NERD trucker hat, describing how the band’s music helped him through difficult times as he made the transition from football to fashion.

While discussing his love for football, Rav shows off a classic Italia ’90 World Cup sticker book. “For me, nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions, and it brings back great memories of being a frivolous young kid only having to worry about kicking a ball on a cobbled street.” Presented alongside personal pieces of jewelry dedicated to his daughter and wife, he later unveils the everyday work essentials that allow him to achieve his creative vision.

Check out the full breakdown of Rav Matharu’s Essentials in the clip above.

Head over to clothsurgeon’s website for your chance to grab a T-shirt from the ‘Absolut T’ collection.

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