Stone Island SS21 Collection Available Now

Since its inception in 1982, Stone Island has become a trailblazer in fabric and coloring mechanics by reverting to its roots and constantly pushing towards the future. The recognizable compass motif has found a home within the streetwear industry and is championed by famous rappers, providing even more traction to its name. The construction of their designs emphasize durability and finishes with a modern style. 

Within the SS21 collection, Stone Island introduces modern and sleek designs to tactical wear. Coloring processes introduced by the fashion label include the LIGHT SOFT SHELL-R e-dye technology. A polyester canvas is dyed using a Waterless Color System that minimizes water use by 85% and dilutes the chemicals by 90%. Along with the dying agent, a 3 layer composition is also showcased called the Membrana 3L TC: a three-layer fabric that includes a breathable nylon laminate, a water-resistant layer, and an undetectable polyester base. These technologies can be seen in Stone Island’s Hoodied Blouson and Hooded Jacket. 

Stone Island features its latest Cargo Pants utilizing varying colorways. The composition consist of premium cotton fleece and a dying agent to obtain its  hue. The pants are given a tapered effect for a more casual and contemporary finish. To complete the outfit, pair the pants with Stone Island’s Hooded Sweatshirt with coinciding characteristics. When put together, the sense of luxury and comfort is optimized – an ideal style for an everyday outfit. 

Stone Island’s SS21 collection is available now at all retail locations + online. Click here to check out the latest from Stone Island.