Stone Island Spotlights Its Latest Innovative Outerwear

After giving an up-close look at its full Spring/Summer 2021 collection recently, Stone Island has now focused on a series of Reflective Grid on Lamy-TC pieces. Making up part of the seasonal collection, this range of pieces show the Italian label’s commitment to innovative materials and fabrications.

Stone Island has spotlighted two pieces — a semi-transparent military Parka and Cape — both of which are created using a semi-transparent and hyper-light Lamy nylon tela construction, which has then been treated with resin on the inner side to guarantee wind-resistance for the wearer. This material is then overlaid with a combination between the “perspective grid” pattern in a reflective print, so as the wearer moves the print transforms the item into something new.

Get up-close with the pieces below, and expect the Reflective Grid on Lamy-TC items to arrive via the Stone Island web store in the near future.

For more statement outerwear, BEAMS has linked up with Arc’Teryx for a tonal gray capsule.

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