SSC Tuatara Is Officially the Fastest Production Car in the World, Confirmed by Racelogic

After controversial attempts and false starts, supercar maker SSC and its Tuatara hypercar has finally achieved the highest two-way average speed run, clocking in at 282.9 mph.

The speed run was conducted at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida last week and produced two speed times, northbound and southbound respectively. The first northbound run resulted in a “modest” 279.7 mph, while the second southbound attempt achieved a blistering 286.1 mph. Since both speed records need to be averaged out to produce a final speed run achievement, the average of 282.9 mph secures SSC as the world’s fastest production car in the world, topping the Koenigsegg Agera RS‘s time of 277.9 mph.

The SSC Tuatara’s first attempt at the world speed record came under controversy, as the footage exposed inaccuracies with the data that was recorded, stripping the title away from SSC. This attempt however has been certified by Racelogic, the company which provided the calculations and metrics to record the speed runs inside the car using a Racelogic VBOX 3i 100Hz GNSS system.

Check out both runs above, and for more insane production cars, BMW has officially unveiled the M5 CS.

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