Pleasures 2020 Holiday Drop: An Alternative Season

Pleasures – grunge, alternative themed brand – is introducing their latest collection for the winter season. Alex James, the founder of the streetwear company, started Pleasures in 2015 inspired by 90’s nostalgia. Starting off by thrifting and collecting vintage clothing, James and his partners wanted to make streetwear affordable and “cool”. The reminiscent feeling is featured throughout the collection by honoring niche ‘90s designs.  

Many patterns can be found throughout the collection. The modern take on ‘90s classic patterns provides a timeless and unique look. From elongated stripes to cheetah print  – Pleasures teeters between bold and neutral. Niche ‘90 graphics like Hawaiian logos and car decals can be found within the collection. Besides the patterned pieces, unique stand alone designs are featured. For example, Pleasures redesigned the movie poster for “The Exorcist” and made it fit within their brand. Pleasures relaxing fit is comfortable and fitting for any outfit. Not sticking to any rules, Pleasures pursued a wide variety likable by anyone in the fashion industry. 

One must-have piece in the collection is the Boundary T-Shirt. This shirt is made in collaboration with Bangkok artist and musician DJ Healthy. DJ Healthy and Pleasures adapted the traditional National Geographic magazine cover into a piece of art fitting the brand’s vibe. Another statement piece is the Old E Quarter Zip Sherpa. Accentuated with vertical stripes, the sherpa sweater is crafted at a high quality. The white old english writing on the sleeve adds subtle branding without taking away from the stimulating design. 

The Pleasures Holiday Delivery is available online. To shop for the latest delivery, click here.