Nathaniel Mary Quinn Unveils New ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ Diptych Painting

Following Gagosian’s Artist Spotlight on Takashi Murakami last month, the art dealer returns with its latest digital feature on Chicago-born artist, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, where he unveils a new artwork entitled Father Stretch My Hands (2021). The work is a dynamic diptych developed using diverse materials such as oil paint, pastels, and gouache on linen canvas over wood panel. The artist is widely-known for his fragmented portraits of people from his real-life experiences or drawn from his imagination. These composite portraits also include visuals gleaned from websites, magazines and photo albums.

As for this new work, “the dislocated features of the face appear to be in continual flux, unmoored from their natural positions or shown from incongruous angles. The unnamed Black subject, who is split between the work’s two halves, gazes slightly upward, as if appealing for divine inspiration,” said the gallery in a statement. “Quinn himself has underscored the religious foundation of the image, emphasizing the spirituality that underpins both creative experimentation and any form of dedicated effort,” the gallery continued. Quinn added: “My mother always believed that my talent came from God the Father.”

Visit Gagosian’s website to view the full Artist Spotlight on Nathaniel Mary Quinn and to learn more about his inspirations for Father Stretch My Hands (2021). The series was created by the gallery last April to support artists whose exhibitions were delayed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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