Koji Yamaguchi’s Paintings Are a Skateboarder’s Dreamy Impressions of the City

Japanese painter and mixed media artist Koji Yamaguchi is currently exhibiting a solo show at BAF Studio Tokyo, which runs until March 6 from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Yamaguchi, previously based in New York from 2015–2018 and presently in Tokyo, is a landscape painter that takes inspiration from his life skateboarding around cities. Most of his work for his ongoing exhibition takes after a mix of realism and impressionism, whereby his snapshots of the city are often literal yet dreamlike.

Aside from his current show, Yamaguchi also “exhibits” works around the city itself, hanging abstract collages on outside walls that straddle between blending in and being out of place.

For more information on Koji Yamaguchi’s solo exhibition, please visit BAF Studio Tokyo’s official website.

BAF Studio Tokyo
4F Nihombashi DM Bldg.
6-14 Nihombashi, Yokoyama- cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0003

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