HAVEN and Engineered Garments Look to Cascadia for FW20 Collaboration

Canadian label HAVEN has followed up its recent Diemme collaboration by teaming up with Engineered Garments. The new collection is inspired by Cascadia, a bioregion in the Pacific Northwest of both Canada and the United States.

Marking the area’s cross-border location, HAVEN and Engineered Garments mix inspirations from both Canadian and U.S. military items. The Cascadia Jacket, for example, is a mix of the U.S. Military BDU jacket and the Canadian Military MK2 jacket, with four large cargo pockets, a semi-concealed placket and a drawstring hem. The military theme is also referenced on the Cascadia Pants, while the collaborative take on HAVEN’s Pacific Parka features a unique panelled and mixed knit construction and is finished with cowhide leather and suede elbow patches.

Alongside the military references, the collection also nods to Engineered Garments’ signature asymmetrical codes. This is seen in the elbow reinforcement of the Cascadia Jacket and the pocket configuration of the pants, as well as the different materials used on the Pacific Parka’s elbow patches.

The full collection is due to release on December 19, and will be available via the HAVEN web store as well as NEPENTHES locations in New York and London and the Engineered Garments store in Tokyo.

In other fashion news, Toronto’s BULLY magazine has released a new editorial celebrating Stüssy’s latest collection.

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