Flatsix Converts the 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Into a Rally Racer

Canadian restomod workshop Flatsix Classics has transformed the 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo into a rally SUV.

To get the SUV ready to tackle rallying terrain, Flatsix has given the car several crucial upgrades. While the car still carries its stock 4.80liter V8 engine, it’s been tuned up to push out an additional 50 horsepower, giving you that extra bit of power when you’re throttling down the wilderness. Bilstein dampers elevate the car’s riding height to accommodate for off-roading environments, while two rows of HELLA lights provide sufficient brightness even when you’re venturing into the dark. Rounding off the performance upgrades are OZ Racing rally wheels paired with BF Goodrich tires for additional grip. Of course, it also looks as good as it functions, being wrapped in the classic Rothman’s livery, which adorned Porsche’s long line of race-winning cars, including the Dakar Rally’s 959 and the Le Mans 962 models in the ’80s.

For those interested, you can learn more about Flatsix Classics’ projects over on its website.

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