Bad Bunny Drops Vibrant New Visuals for “Hoy Cobré”

Bad Bunny has delivered a brand-new music video for his recent track “Hoy Cobré.” The song is the third cut from Bunny’s chart-topping studio album El Ultimo Tour del Mundo, which marked its place as the first all-Spanish language project to reach No. 1 in Billboard‘s 64-year history.

Measuring at a little over three and a half minutes, the video opens with Bunny rapping on top of a cargo truck that takes him to a sequestered boutique in the middle of a desert. As he enters the door, he lets out a big puff of smoke, to which a security guard stops him and tells him that it’s not allowed. After some back-and-forth, the guard calls for the manager, and, of course, it’s the legendary Snoop D.O. Double G who walks into the scene from the corner of the room. “Hey, hey, hey, what’s all the commotion going on over here?” Bad Bunny replies, “this guy isn’t saying that I can’t smoke in here.” Snoop turns to his own guard and says, “hey man, how you gon’ act funny with the big Bad Bunny?” Snoop immediately fires him and tells him to “Get!” The rest of the video sees Bunny in a handful of colorful fits while Snoop dances casually in the background.

Scroll above to watch the Bad Bunny’s new music video for his single “Hoy Cobré.”

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