A Tribute To Kobe Bryant | Mitchell & Ness Lakers Jerseys Available Now

Mitchell & Ness have been working on sports memorabilia and uniforms since 1904. They made their official debut in 1933 when they were selected to craft uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles within the NFL. That partnership lasted for 30 years making them solidified within the uniform community and the sports fashion industry. In 1985, they were able to grow their portfolio by restoring and creating historic pieces that commemorate different athletic milestones. Since then Mitchell & Ness has been producing vintage and authentic apparel collections for the NBA, MBA, NFL, NCAA, and MLS.   

With Kobe Bryant’s induction to the NBA Hall of Fame this May 2021, the fashion label introduces three new jersey designs to pay tribute to the basketball legend. 

At a young age, Kobe Bryant was destined to become an athlete. His great accomplishments within his high school career made him a shoo-in for the NBA. Traditionally, players would be advised to attend college and later be drafted but Bryant sought to join the NBA straight out of high school. This brought a lot of attention to the athlete as this was highly uncommon and an unsecured strategy. But thankfully his past work with the Los Angeles Lakers enabled a relationship with a team, giving him an entry way into the NBA. He would scrimmage with previous Laker teammates which include Larry Drew and Larry Cooper. In 1996, the Lakers made an offer to Bryant for three years as he was still a minor and a rookie within the league. Kobe and his parents signed the contract giving him $3.5 million within those years, thus, sparking his NBA career. 

When Bryant joined the Lakers he opted to wear the number 8 which wasn’t his initial choice as his original numbers from highschool were already worn by current players. George Mccloud championed number 24 while the Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retired the number 33 with his career, therefore the number 8 would suffice for Bryant. But that number did not disappoint him, during the nine years he wore this number he was able to make incredible strides within his portfolio. These accomplishments include three NBA titles, an eight-time All-Star selection, and scoring 81 points in one game against the Toronto Raptors. Once he received the opportunity to switch numbers in 2006, Bryant then reverted to his roots and championed the number 24. Again, he did not disappoint his fans and the NBA as he was able to accomplish two more championship titles and multiple MVP awards. After 20 seasons, Bryant retired in 2016 becoming one of the most well accomplished players of all time – a true icon that will always be remembered.  

In celebration of Kobe’s life and accomplishments, Mitchell & Ness are providing exclusive jerseys commemorating his time within the NBA and Los Angeles Lakers. The Authentic Jersey in Purple will pay homage to the number 24 while the Gold colorway will see the number 8. Whereas the Reversible Authentic Jersey will see both numbers depending on the side you desire to wear. All of the jerseys will consist of specific patches meant for Kobe and his career within the NBA. The premium polyester construction provides a thick and mid-weight construction which emphasizes its luxurious and authentic finish. 

The Mitchell & Ness Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Authentic Jersey and Reversible Jersey is available now online. Click here to get a closer look at the exclusive designs.