10 of the Best Hoodies to Add to Your Gift List Now

Holiday shoppers can be roughly divided into two camps: those who started finding gifts in September…and the rest of us. Thankfully, if you’ve left it till the eleventh hour, it’s still not too late to catch those last shipping deadlines at most stores.

For a fail-safe gifting option — whether for someone else, or for yourself — a hoodie is a hard-to-beat item. Especially this year, when most of us, confined to a WFH wardrobe, have found our hoodie rotation getting a lot more play than usual. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best styles on the market right now, at every price range. Happy shopping.

Tommy Hilfiger

Release Price: $129 USD
Where to Buy: Tommy’s Drop Shop
Why You Should Cop: Created as part of Tommy’s Drop Shop — a newly-launched platform that aims to foster collaboration in the creative industries — this style is part of a link-up with the Berlin-based graphic artist Mago Dovjenko.

7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara

Release Price: $684 USD
Why You Should Cop: How to make a Hiroshi Fujiwara-designed garment even more likely to sell out? By branding it with a Pikachu graphic — the latest instalment in the designer’s Thunderbolt Project.

Chinatown Market

Release Price: $147 USD
Where to Buy: HBX
Why You Should Cop: The LA-based streetwear label reunited with Grateful Dead in late November for a new capsule collection, incorporating the band’s album artwork, including this cartoonish print.


Release Price: $690 USD
Where to Buy: CELINE
Why You Should Cop: CELINE’s SS21 collection, ‘THE DANCING KID’ was a breakthrough for Hedi Slimane, offering a more youthful-slanting approach — and the brand’s first ever sneaker. This hoody, emblazoned with the name of the collection, is a fitting tribute.

Stone Island

Release Price: $288 USD
Why You Should Cop: After this month’s news that Stone Island has been acquired by Moncler, it’s safe to expect that the Italian sportswear brand will explode in popularity next year. So now’s a good time to buy into the brand, while it still retains it’s “if-you-know-you-know” appeal.

Brain Dead

Release Price: $158 USD
Where to Buy: HBX
Why You Should Cop: Brain Dead’s ‘Folk Healing’ hoodie is a typically playful style from the LA-based brand, with a graphic on the reverse that nods to alternative healing methods. And, frankly, couldn’t we all use a bit of that right now?


Release Price: $1,100 USD
Where to Buy: Noah
Why You Should Cop: Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s made exclusively for Noah by the woolen mill Joshua Ellis, and it’s made from refined lambswool: the kind of fabric you’d only ever usually see on an overcoat.

Good Morning Tapes

Release Price: $170 USD
Where to Buy: HBX
Why You Should Cop: The French brand Good Morning Tapes has always been led by a faintly spiritual, shamanistic aesthetic – as exemplified by its most recent drop. A pentagram-emblazoned hoody might be an unexpected choice for the holidays – but hasn’t everything this year been unexpected?


Release Price: $99 USD
Where to Buy: ARKET
Why You Should Cop: ‘Beauty in simplicity’ is pretty much ARKET’s credo, and this minimal hoody in an off-white heavyweight cotton is a case in point. Plus, it’s organic. Win-win.


Release Price: $1,266 USD
Where to Buy: Versace
Why You Should Cop: Versace might just have been one of 2020’s most triumphant brands, beating the lockdown odds to have a smash-hit year at retail. So, this hoody feels only appropriate.

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